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Essential elements of a great homepage design

There are as many homepage designs as there are websites. When running a business that relies heavily on making the best first impression, keeping your focus on building a great homepage design is a very important part of your branding and something that you as the... read more

One Time SEO Vs Ongoing SEO

Almost everything on the web and virtual world is changing rapidly. Businesses moving towards online marketing, modes of payment are shifted to online payment services and Individuals have become more social than ever.  Focusing one change from the above is online... read more

In Page SEO Vs Off Page SEO

You might have come across with this question many times that which of both “In page SEO” and “Off page SEO” is better in comparison. Well to be very honest, there is no satisfactory answer. Where, SEO is important for your website, In page and off page SEO is... read more

20 Fonts We Love That Are Sure To Impress You

“Typography is what language looks like” -Ellen Lupton We are living in the digital age, where typography and design are two most important concepts – when it comes to branding. The one essential element of typography is font selection; because appropriate... read more

Top 10 Best Practices For Website Design

Keep a clear strategy and plan for website design! You have started a business and are planning to have a well-designed and professional website, so you have to follow some basic logical tips. Whenever it comes to a website design, you should keep in mind that you are... read more

Why do you need a Call to Action on your website

A Call to Action Button is a directive that is used to provoke immediate response from your target market and mostly starts with a verb.   Great! You have developed a compelling website, have something to offer for your target market and have predefined standards... read more

Should small businesses invest in SEO?

Should small businesses invest in SEO? Have you ever wondered on the importance of SEO to your business and how SEO can help elevate your online business presence, resulting in more traffic/leads for your website? Let us spotlight the role of SEO that is played in... read more

How to Create an Online Presence for Your Business

A common question people ask is “How to Create an Online Presence for Your Business”. Business always needs to be present at every place where its potential market can be found. But it is difficult to be everywhere when your target market has spread across the world.... read more

Online payment options for small businesses

Over the past decade the online payment modes have brought innovative change to the business industry. ‘Online payment’ refers to the money exchanged electronically by using internet and digital devices without involving cash. The purpose of the service is to make the... read more

Web hosting providers and mobile homes similarity

Last week, I met with one of my real estate friend over coffee and he was explaining on why he thinks mobile homes are a great investment. As I was talking to him, I realized there was a common theme between mobile homes and website hosting. You create this beautiful... read more

Is your website your new home?

Several years ago, on a sudden whim while all our friends were buying homes in a new neighborhood, we reached early morning to register for a home ourselves. Our top two bids were not accepted as someone ahead in the line picked up the available plots. We immediately... read more

Content is king, keep your content fresh

Content is King, we have heard this so many times in the online world. If I were to share the same post every single day on Facebook, what would my friends possibly do? Some of them might start ignoring my posts, others might stop following me and the highly impatient... read more

How Om Spark was born

My name is Urmila Singhal and I am the proud owner of Om Spark. Having spent 11 years in engineering at Microsoft, 5 of which were in the Search Advertising space, I am well versed in the mechanics of the Online space. Coming from a family that owned different types... read more

Linked List for Program Manager Interviews

The fondest memories of a child are the different birthday parties and the games/activities during that day. As a child on my birthday, I was introduced to a type of scavenger hunt where an initial clue was given to you. As you solved each clue, you found a gift and a... read more

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